Who is it for?


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You are a beginner to yoga, always wanted to try, but never came to a studio because of some blockage.

You are shy and prefer to practice at your home, your sanctuary.

You feel more comfortable in private session than in big full classes.


You are working A lot! Busy busy, chasing the clock.
You are sitting most of the day, looking at screens, you are stressed, working crazy hours, and just don’t have time nor energy to hit the gym after work.

You want to learn stress reduce techniques, solving problems, calmness, confidence and stillness that comes from the ancient sacred theory of Yoga, while giving your body the movement it needs.  



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You are a vigorous Yoga practitioner and feel that in class you don’t receive the personal touch that can advance you further.

You would like to strengthen some points in your practice and work on those individually.


You are very active in different types of sport (running, climbing, riding, swimming)
You want Yoga to be a complimentary treatment, as an holistic solution for your body.

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You want to indulge yourself (or your loved ones) with a professional Yoga lesson at the comfort of your own living-room.