Warrior 2

Let’s continue to break down the warriors, last post was about warrior 1 and today we are in the second. 

You can come to warrior 2 from warrior one, from mountain pose, or from a wide legged stand.

Bring one leg straight back, foot perpendicular to the back short edge of the mat.
The other leg is bent, toes toward the front short edge of mat.

Make sure you see your toes in the bent leg, this promise you have knee over ankle alignment.
Between your feet imagine a line, your front foot heel is in the middle of your back foot arch.
Gap between your legs should be wide and comfortable. Wider than warrior 1.

Shift weight between your legs and find the balance point.

Your pelvis is open and directed to the wide edge of the mat. Open the hip bones and center the pelvis in the middle. Feel it wanting to pull down to earth.

From here shift your awareness up the spine, from root to crown, aligning it with the imaginary rod (or stem).

your back is up and straight, notice you are not tilted slightly to the side. We have a tendency to bend a little bit toward the back leg. Notice this tilt and straight yourself up.

From a straight strong stem position, open your arms to the sides, strongly, and shift your gaze over your bent leg.

Focus on strong hold of your arms, open chest and activated shoulder girdle.
Your neck is also working, be gentle with it.

In this position you think again about the two pulling energy fields, the one that is puling you down to earth, and the upper back and crown that is pulling up to sky.

We usually encounter in life a lot of situations that confront us with our inner compass.
Stay in this posture and feel courageous and strong as a warrior :)