The core of it all

It is often called “The second brain in our stomach”, you also know many other phrases that relate to that, like guts feeling, intuition, butterflies in the stomach or any other nervousness that connected to a feeling / emotion, rather than food, in our belly area.

The guts, the core is actually a second brain in our body.
Every original movement start from the core. Every arm reach, leg bend, every movement starts there, in our second brain. The main thinking brain is the first one, the brain in the stomach is the action one, it is the one which after receiving communication from the thinking brain – act.

“The core itself contains a plexus of nervous called ‘The enteric nervous system’.  And the enteric nervous system is a massive network of nervous that resides here (in the abdomen). It’s wrapped around the intestines, it is more nervous than there is in the entire spinal cord and more nervous tissue than there is in a cat’s brain!
The enteric nervous system is part of our autonomic nervous system that is bigger than the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system. ”
(from original move, by Simon Borg Olivier).

So you can already understand the importance of this system in our body.
To have a healthy digestive system we want a flow of oxygenated blood in the internal organs. We want fluid transmission of the thousands bits of information running through between our guts to the main brain and the rest of the body. Increase circulation to the area around the spine and the nerves that innervate the digestive organs. We want to massage the internal organs and we want cardiovascular system with vessels that are relaxed.
Almost all Yoga postures and pranayama attribute to this.
Especially twists, as they twist our spinal cord, and press each side of the core gently.

Awareness is the key. Next time you are doing a movement try to breath naturally into your lower abdomen. Not tucking the belly inside, or force exhalation, just bring awareness to that part of the body. Thus make sure your movement originate from the core.

If you want to learn more about this fascinating system in our body you can read here: and here  .

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