The Art of BEING

I don’t understand why people always praise DOING.
We live in an era that worships time management and efficiency, although efficiency can be measured in more than one way.
I do not want to be in a race, I do not want to “run” in life, not after something nor away from it.
When I am meditating, not stressed to DO something, my brain is free and available for other activities, such as, observing thoughts and limiting believes, creating space between thoughts, exploring deep concepts, contemplating.  

After a session of meditation I often feel that I reached some kind of enlightenment, I get insights and clarity. I feel growth personally and mentally. On other cases I feel refreshed and awake, like after a power nap. These breaks of meditation are contributing to more creativity and tap into the subconscious mind.

I am not the type of person that would press a lot of activities into one day.
Some people find it very comforting to have busy schedule, and those people would benefit as well from little time spent on DOING NOTHING. 

When you do nothing…. You are actually living in the moment. Sounds weird right? :)
But think about it: you are listening to the sounds; you are observing the thoughts exactly at the same moment they occur. Living, breathing, smelling THIS MOMENT.
It is a space for thinking how to move forward, improve, grow and develop.
It is time to wash your brain with positive affirmations, time for healthy positive thinking and time to plan ahead.
It is time to make peace, love and forgive enemies you created in the mind.
It is time to analyse your ideas, solve problems, explore your way of thinking, and be happy for achievements. It is time for you to comfort and nurture yourself.

It is evolution in the making :)
Your evolution.

Here is a nice article that shows how productivity can be a matter of 2 hours work a day.  

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