Sacral Chakra Yoga

Remember our trip through the chakras? I wrote about the first one here: 

Let’s get ahead with it and concentrate on the second chakra today. It is the Sacral chakra and it is located in our pelvic area.

While the root chakra is about survival and grounding, this chakra is about pleasure and enjoyment. Experiencing our lives through feelings and sensations. It is also about sensuality, connection and intimacy. Its colour is orange, when the chakra is balanced you can experience grounded intuition and emotional stability, when it is out of balance it could affect you with attachment issues, sexually-related guilt, timidity, emotional volatility.
This chakra is an important emotional centre.

We have few challenges with this chakra the way we live. In our society it is not considered ok to express feelings, or to react with emotions. We are being taught not to “lose control”, being ‘strong’ means being in control of showing our emotions. This makes us disconnected from our body and our feelings. With regards to sexuality we encounter double standards usually from society and need to find a balance. On one hand sexuality is glorified and magnified, on the other hand it is rejected and being bashed with shame in many cases. The result is either blocked or excessive second chakra issues.

Connect with your body at first, walk bare foot on the grass (or a carpet :), ask yourself about sexuality, passion and creativity, they are all connected. Below there are several affirmations for you.

As you may know, we store a lot of emotion pain in our thighs. When you are in a stressful situation, the muscles group that contract first is in your pelvic and thighs, the psoas are a major part of this anatomy, they will respond by tightening. Here you can read about the psoas

Hip opening postures in Yoga are directly connected to the sacral chakra, to release the stress start with ‘letting go’, sit in Bound angle pose (Baddha Konasana) and breath.

Come to child’s pose with legs bent and open toward the edges of the mat and arms reached forward. When you are in this pose try to release toward the pelvis. Think and shift your awareness to the bottom of your spine and release. Release the pelvic from front to back.

Easy pose, Cow face pose and fire log pose are all seating poses that open the hips and release them.

In standing you can come to Extended hand to big toe pose and wide legged forward bend.

Seated and standing Twists are: chair pose twist, One legged pigeon pose, Marchyasna 1+3, lord of the fish, eagle pose, bharadvaja’s twist.
And of course wide legged seated forward bend.

Intense side stretch is one of my favourites, here are different variations.

I wish you a pleasant practice, and bring this chakra into balance ;) 
With the help of the lovely site here are affirmations for the Sacral chakra.

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