Hero pose & Variations

Hero pose is also one of the great sitting postures that has many fun variations.

It starts with sitting comfortably with your sit bones on your heels.
If already there you feel pressure, place a bolster/folded blanket/pillow between your heels and buttocks. With time and practice, you will feel comfortable enough here and then can continue to hero pose. 
Spread some distance between the legs and sit in the middle, sit bones on the mat or on a block – this is Hero pose.
Sit with straight back, gaze forward, hands resting on your legs.

When you feel comfortable enough sitting here, you can also reach the arms to the sides and up for some stretches. You can bind them behind your back.

You can bring heels up and stay on your toes for an energizing massage to your feet.  

Hero pose Yoga Amsterdam

You can come laying on your back on a mat or a bolster. I used folded blanket and a pillow. 

You can reach your arms to stretch above your head while in the pose.

You can add some core action, lifting yourself to the elbows

There you have it, some nice variations to Hero pose. Only come to this pose after a thorough warm up. Be gentle with your knees, make the mat thicker by adding another one on top or folding it for the knees area. 
Have fun practicing :)