Heart Chakra

In our journey through the chakras we are now at the forth: The heart chakra.

Here are the first three: https://goo.gl/ZCCfIH , https://goo.gl/fkeKpX & https://goo.gl/eTnWTY 
Anahata is the name in Sanskrit and it colours our life with compassion, love and beauty.
Its location is in the center of our chest, its color is green.

This chakra is considered to be a bridge between the earthly and spiritual aspirations.
This chakra moves love through your life. It is the center of our bond with others, our sense of caring and compassion. It is about self-love, altruism, generosity, kindness and respect.
Most spiritual traditions recognize love as the ultimate healing force. That is why it is a very special chakra. It also connect us to the universe, through the web of relationships we have with each-others and with ourselves. We have interconnection to people and our surroundings. It has unifying force.

If you want to balance your heart chakra energy, Work on self-love and love to others.
When love flows freely you become warmth and calm, people notice it and will react to you with the same kindness. When your heart is open to others you inspire the same reactions, you create safe and supportive environment that way. When you do not judge people and act from love – people can feel loved unconditionally and accepted around you.

When you have self-love, self-worthy and self believe – you act authentic, you do not harm others to feel better – as you feel accepting and secure already as you are.
You are not afraid to say no – when needed, you say it with kindness and understanding.
You know how and when you need self-care and self-nurturing, because as you are attentive to others you are also to yourself.

Yoga poses that will help you are opening the chest and working around the heart area, like back bends.
Low lunge, cobra, camel pose, bow pose etc. Also holding the hands in Anjali Mudrha close to the heart during poses is warmly recommended. 

Below is affirmation list for this chakra.