Replace fear with Love Part II

The fear of people judging or criticizing you, is a work on the ego of course but it is also about exchanging fear with love.
What do I mean? When we work with emotions, we work with the opposites. For example if we want to work on our insecurities, we will flush our subconscious with the opposite, with security. We will strengthen security in ourselves through therapy. So when we think about opposites, the opposite of Low self-esteem will be – worthiness, believing in ourselves. The opposite of Shyness is confidence. The opposite of Anxiety is safety, the opposite of depression is happiness, joy. The opposite of fear is love.

If I want to work on my fear from people I should turn it into love. I should look at people from a loving point of view. I should approach every new encounter with love, without prejudice, without judging.
I should accept and love myself. I should love people and be compassionate (it also feels good).
I should accept rejection, once it occurs. This is for me the meaning of acting from love and eliminating fear.

Let’s translate it to an example:
Social anxiety, which is fear from any new person we meet, If it is for the first time, if it is a stranger, a colleague; people who have social anxiety are basically afraid of human interactions in general.
So why not overcome this fear with love. Once you act from love and with love, fear has no space to exist, they work on opposite energy vibration.
Loving yourself (and the other) in the next social situation can bring you calmness and ease, no matter what will happen.

Let’s break it into details:
Don’t judge yourself so severely, love yourself instead. Love your-self in your lowest moments!
Give yourself compassion and support even (especially) when you feel down.
If you repeat the same patterns that lead you to wrong results. If you are disappointed from how you acted in a situation. If you feel down from the talk you just had at work with your boss.
Love and accept yourself! Be there for you in the harsh moments.
Next time you are going to talk with your boss, come from love, not from fear.
Think about all the things you love (admire, respect) in your boss, as a person and as a professional colleague. Think about all the things you love in your-self, and at your work.
Don’t come to the meeting from fear or making yourself smaller, Come to the meeting with self-love and love for the others.

Direct love to the people you meet, and to yourself, fear won’t be there anymore.
The first part of this post was about action curing fear, this part is about love. When you combine them together - you can act from love

*This paragraph is from

Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, argued that we all have certain traits that we hide. From the time were little we realized that this was necessary if we wanted to be accepted.
 The set of features that we do not accept in ourselves is like a shadow that emerges at some point in our lives. Next to “the shadow”, we develop what Freud called “the ideal ego”, which is a self that we created to fit our environment and not be rejected.
The rejection of the shadow causes many problems because when we do not accept ourselves out of fear, we do not love ourselves. Fear is the opposite of love.
What would you do if you were not afraid to accept yourself, recognize yourself, or be rejected? You’d be free and would enjoy the love you have for yourself and others.