Living outside the comfort zone

The biggest shifts in my life were created after I left my comfort zone.

I believe in changing, evolving and growing, from every experience we have in life (“good or bad”).

It is often recommended to leave the comfort zone if you want big changes in your life.
However, going out of the comfort zone is NOT EASY at all, it sometimes lead to a path that is full of resistance and pain.

The question to ask before we decide to go out of a comfort zone is – will the outcome be worth the pain on the way.

When we want to achieve things that are outside of our comfort zone, we know we might have to sacrifice on the way – and we take it into consideration. If you have big dreams you are passionate about – you have to accept also the hideous, hard work that accompanies it.

Now comes a Dilemma:

The dilemma is to know when it is something that we are willing to consequence and when it is futile.

For me, after opening my own business for the first time, I received (and still) a flood of ideas and opinions from the surroundings. Some of these ideas tingle my “comfort-zone nerve“, and when it happens – I check with myself the following:

Is it something that is REALLY me? After learning about myself and getting to know my character with an ongoing exploration – I can already know if something resides with my personality or not.
I am not hurry to say NO to ideas like that because I want to push myself to bigger and greater things, but if peace is the cost – it is not worth it.

If an idea makes me cringe or scared or even disgusted – I first check to see if it is only a reflex against something that I can work on; Or is it an intuition that tells me to trust my guts and not do it.

There are things in our life we want to work on, develop and improve. When an idea touches a nerve you have a soft spot for or fear, you can decide you want to change it and work on it. That is a good sign to leave your comfort zone.

But when the idea of working on this hinder – doing it specifically this way – gives you all NO signs – you can reject it. Or find another way to achieve it – in your OWN pace, rhythm and method.

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