Chakras week by week

My friend and I decided to go on a journey to learn the chakras. We both were intrigued, and wanted to experience it by learning week after a week, devoting to each chakra.
Every chakra symbolize and represent different energy fields, it has different color and uniqueness to itself.
To me it meant during that week, I will read about the chakra and its qualities, I would try to wear the color of the chakra, I will ponder and meditate about it representations.
There are a lot of youtube videos with music dedicated to each chakra, healing, activating music.
Every week I meditated to a different one, manifesting the things that are important for me to work on so this chakra will remain vital, open and healthy.

Chakras are the centers in our body in which energy flows through. They help to regulate all its processes, from organ function to the immune system and emotions.
They are aligned through the spine from base to crown, but their location is approximately around it.

There are seven chakras, starting with the first one, the root chakra. It is located in our lower spine, near the coccyx, beneath the sacrum. Its color is red, it is physically associated with the skeletal structure, teeth, large intestine, kidneys, blood. Psychologically associated with stability, survival and self-preservation. It symbolizes the root of our being, the connection with your physical body, your environment and earth. It is the source of fight or flight response and primal instincts. It is also connected to the imprint of our ancestors, their struggles and triumphs. We cannot grow and change unless we feel safe and secure, it is important to heal and clear this chakra from blockages.

On that week I meditated about stability in my life. I pondered about what I do for living, what provide me a roof over my head and food for survival. I inquired the connection between my work, which provides me stability and my passion, are they one?
I did a lot of gratitude meditation during that week, I do that anyway in my meditation practice, I am grateful for what I have and accomplished. This time It was very connected to the root chakra for me. I also told myself the affirmations I am adding here for you to see.
The life I started here in The Netherlands not so long ago were a big part of my contemplation. It is all still a new experience for me, I changed my environment and home completely in the last 4 years. I pondered a lot about that move and my new stability center.

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In the next weeks I will share with you my chakra journey.
If you feel you want to explore too, Here is a good site to read more info , Check youtube for accompanying music, and of course do Yoga!
Yoga postures that helps clear and balance the root chakra are:
Apansana – lie on the floor and hug the knees toward your chest.
Happy baby pose – Still on the ground, spread the legs while the knees are toward the chest.
Grab your toes or side of the foot with your hands.
Malasana – Squat down with your feet on the ground, knees to the sides, arms between the thighs in a prayer pose (Anjali Mudrah). If your heels rise up, place a rolled blanket beneath them.
Half bridge pose - From lying on the mat - bring the heels to your sit bones, arms to the sides of your body. Raise your spine, vertebrae after vertebrae, until you are breathing into your chest - chin to chest. 
Locust pose - lie on your stomach, raise your legs strongly up when they're straight, push them from the mat up. You can also add your arms raised straight up with your chest. 
Head to knee pose- Sit straight with both legs straight forward and the spine long and erect. Fold one leg so the foot touch other leg's thigh. Lean forward to the knee of the straight leg. 
Easy pose - Sukhasana - sit with interlace legs, you can switch the legs from time to time. Long erect spine. 
child’s pose – knees folded and you’re sitting on the heels, move forward and place your forehead on the ground, hands to the sides of the body, backward. Release shoulders to the ground. Breath to and release your pelvis.
Uttanasana – standing Forward bend. 
Sun salutation, warrior 1 and low lunge are all good poses to ground and shift awareness to the root chakra. 

Goes without saying, when you practice yoga, it is important to keep alignment in the body that prevent injuries, the correct ques are usually given by a teacher. Always practice to the limits of your pain, not beyond it. 

Yoga Amsterdam Root Chakra