Anger management with Pranayma (breathing techniques)

I get angry at the most stupidest things, it could be tiny things that definitely do not justify it, like when:

The hands are wet and the tap won’t open because it slippery.
Or whenever an internet page is not acting according to my expectations.
When the INSERT in the keyboard is on and I don’t know.
When I put on a playlist and it reaches a song I don’t like but I can’t change the song because I’m far from the device or my hands are taken...
When I assemble an Ikea furniture that need a lot of attention or holding, lifting and engineering…

I noticed that in these moments I exhale long and deep exhalation, like a sigh.
It is a sign from my body that I need to relax.

So whenever I encounter a moment in life that irritate and raising my stress levels, I start exhaling deeply and intensely long exhalations. With sound.
 I focus on my breath, I deliberately exhale slowly, and make a sound while I blow the stress out.
Sometimes from the mouth and sometimes from the nostrils.

It is called 2 to 1 breathing, inhale on 1, Exhale on the account of 2. I do that for few minutes, until I feel the affect and repeat if needed. It does not matter how many times I need to do it, there is no competition or record to break. I do it until it works.
Long exhalations slows the heart rate, drops the blood pressure and relaxing the muscles.
Emphasizing the exhalation discharges volatile toxins and carbon dioxide from the lungs, leaving a vacuum that will be filled with fresh air when you inhale.

 If more relaxation is needed, I add humming, Bhramari Pranayama, or “the bumble bee” is great way to reduce stress levels. The humming sound that is created by the tongue and the sound hhmmmmm, is massaging the pituitary gland and sending relaxing waves in the space of our skull, connected to the brain.
Place your index fingers on the cartilage between your chick and ear. Inhale, and on exhalation hum like a bee with your mouth close. Repeat how much needed :)

You can do it everywhere, in every position and any time. Well mostly the long inhalations, For Bhramari pranayama you might want to choose a specific place to practice.

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