I know you want to relax, to be calm and peaceful. You would like to have mindfulness and awareness in your life.
You want to live with meaning. 

It's great you feel that way! Because it means you are listening to your mind and body. 
You can easily learn how to assimilate it in your life with Yoga, Meditation & personal devlopment.

Every one can do it, It is possible at any given time. 
Creating space for yourself means creating time and putting energy where you can improve your life.
Be attentive to your needs and you feel the change immediately. 

They often say that relaxation open your mind to higher levels of spirituality, that is correct.

You are always in a race, right? 
You would like to integrate relaxation to your busy daily routine.

you notice you want to change yet you haven't done it yet.

With Yoga and coaching you will notice you can feel connected to your self and your surrounding with more vivid alert and awareness.
You will become stronger physically and mentally.
The combination of Yoga and self development helps defining and reaching your goals.


 In one on one session, I combine the tools of NLP, Buddhism and Yoga. 

Yoga Asana (postures) alleviate stress, depression, boosting self-confidence, creating stillness and awareness in the body.
Allowing Prana (or Chi: energy of life) moves freely in your body, transmit fluids and life into all organs and systems of the body.
The lymphatic, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems are all benefiting from Yoga.
It is the only exercise that works both on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. 

Coaching with NLP taps into the subconcious. Learning to listen to our greatest resource is a gift. We usually use %5 of our brain - concious; working with NLP tools taps into the %95 of subconcious and brings a lot of answers, intuitions and guidance into our life.
 Coaching helps you move from point A to point B in life. Doing so with the help of Buddhism and Yoga is a blessed, helpful way of personal development. 



With the help of Yoga and NLP I have discovered a way to go through life fluctuations in a relaxing, at-ease way, which brings a lot of positive outcomes.

Body and mind have a deep spiritual and physical connection – I want to bring this knowledge and methods to people, helping them steer their own wheel of life and Karma in a way that is appropriate for them.

There are many ways for personal growth, we all aspire to become a better version of ourselves, to overcome fears and limiting believes we hold in our mind. To learn how to inspire and motivate ourselves in times of need. 
I found that combining Yoga with Buddhism and coaching with NLP encompass it in the best way.

Using the concious in Yoga and the subconcious with NLP gives you MEGA-POWER!

Schooled :)
During my time in Australia I have studied in Australian Yoga Academy - 350 hours advanced diploma of Yoga teaching.
During my time in the Netherlands I have studied: NLP practitioner + Coaching + Alexander technique. 
During my life I have studied the wisdom of: Pema Chodron, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Abraham Hicks, Viktor Frankl logotherapy and Buddhism. 

Never stop learning, backed up science articles and books about the way our brain body maps activate us, our will power mechanism, our six pillars of self esteem, Flow psychology; Inner child therapy, Shadow work, Chakra cleansing. Using all these tools, practicing and training the brain like in the Gym.

Personal development, transformation, Evolution, Leading life with peace, calm & confidence are my passion and purpose.