I teach one on one Yoga lessons at your home.
Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow, breathing techniques (Pranayama) and meditation.
A lesson can take 1 hour or an hour and 1/2, you can choose.
It suits all levels, especially beginners who would like to get to know the world of Yoga.

The advantage of one on one lesson is that we can focus on YOUR goals and needs. There is no competition with other bodies in the room, no need for mirrors or fancy clothes; It is only you and me in the class, allowing me to focus on the alignment your body need.
The lesson is costumed to you in the convenient of your environment.

Energy flows where awareness goes.

Yoga alleviate stress, depression, emotion body-pain, it boost self-confidence and bring your posture to natural alignment.
Allowing the Prana (energy of life) move freely, transmit fluids and oxygenated blood into all organs and systems of the body.

Yoga postures attributes to the lymphatic, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems. It help you re-connect to your body, move better and live healthier life. It affects your diet and habits with time. Knowing your body and how to control it helps also in times of stress and misfortune.
Yoga teaches the mind to be still, balanced and focused through the practice and outside of it.

I know you want to relax, to be calm and peaceful. You would like to have mindfulness and awareness in your life. 

You would like to integrate relaxation to your busy daily routine.
It is great you feel that way! Because it means you are listening to your mind and body. 
You can easily learn how to assimilate it in your life with Yoga and Meditation.

Every one can do it, It is possible at any given time. 
Creating space for yourself means creating time and putting energy where you can improve your life.
Be attentive to your needs and you feel the change immediately. 
They often say that relaxation open your mind to higher levels of spirituality, that is correct.

You are always in a race, right? 

you notice you want to change yet you haven't done it yet.

Sitting in front of the computer, reading, contemplating, pondering, thinking. The first step is to listen to your body, and connect with it.
you can choose the rhythm that suits you. 

A tree is connected to earth, absorbing energy through the roots and up to the higher levels at the top. You will notice that with Yoga practice you can feel connected to your self and your surrounding with more vivid alert and awareness. You will become stronger physically and mentally.


My yoga teaching suits all levels. I custom the lesson according to your needs and body.
I will teach you to listen to your body, and understand how it works, So you can take the practice outside of the mat and into your life.
I build the class to suit special strengthens you would like to care for (e.g slow flow, power flow, posture, flexibility, restorative etc.) we can focus each time on something different. 

The lesson is also a mindfulness practice that comes with the teaching of Ancient Yoga theories. 
There are vary techniques of meditation, I will custom the meditation technique to what suits you most in your life at the moment.